In the wake of all the protests that are taking place in Tibet, Nike and adidas can’t be too happy with the timing of this Wall Street Journal article describing how the footwear giants are looking to China for inspiration. Both sneaker bigs plan on creating gear and footwear that emphasizes Chinese cultural design elements which most likely will not include Tiananmen tanks or club beaten monks. With the Beijing Olympics just around the corner, there’s tremendous opportunities for the brands, both of which are planning to release products to coincide with the games in August. Despite a few hundred shot and condemnations by the Dalai Lama, the Chinese announced the torch will still pass through Tibet. But if the notorious human rights-violating country keeps up their offensive who’s gonna be left holding it? |WSG via Complex|
Nike Court Force High inspired by 1984 Chinese Olympic gold medalist Lang Ping. (Click image to enlarge)