250_german_noucant.jpgThe next mostly likely president of the Unites States, Barack Obama, gave a speech in Deutschland yesterday before a 200,000 plus crowd of ecstatic American flag waving Germans, but not everyone was there to support the young senator. There were a few sticklers, like this proud, Kraut with a sign bearing the words: “No You Can’t.” But Germans weren’t the only detractors, pill popping pharmaceutical abuser Rush Limbaugh, who interrupted part of his show to carry the speech—making his show relevant for a few minutes—was, shockingly, not happy, claiming that Obama is some sort of spooky clairvoyant:

“He’s channeling Ronald Reagan. We knew Ronald Reagan, Senator Obama, he was a friend of ours and you’re no Ronald Reagan. This is a cheap attempt to channel Reagan, and channel JFK as well.”

To really experience Rush’s maniacal reaction and to see firsthand the effects OxyContin has on the brain, click over to read the transcripts.