Might as well jump right into it. ANIMAL has a new columnist. Many of you already know him as Copyranter, the ferocious advertising and marketing reaper who mostly loves to mostly rip new assholes for well deserved brands. So, without further adieu:
The partially obscured headline on this hideous double-billboard concoction is: “Signal on Broadway, off Broadway and way off Broadway.” Being as attuned as they are with the City’s “way off Broadway” vibe, Sprint (actually their ad agency) decided to go with a shot of an “edgy” alley with some “edgy” graffiti, and then attached their keen neon branding to the graffiti wall. SPRINT=EDGY. Reliable, sure. But edgy. Edgily reliable.
What is that? A stock photo? Of another city? If so, well, that’s certainly waaay off Broadway, Sprint. But a more important quality-of-life question is: While graffiti, or what the Post last week ineloquently called “urban scrawl,” is apparently on the rise in NYC, isn’t this view-blocking eyesore and its ilk more of a neighborhood blight than graffiti ever could be?