Today, Judgment Day provocateurs scientists turned on one of the most elaborately complex science experiments ever—despite death threats—in an attempt to recreate Big Bang-like conditions. Physicists are hoping that the massive Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will help them discover the Higgs Bosons aka the “God particle.” But one of their most accomplished apostles bets $100 that the $6 billion machine won’t solve the mystery of the universe. “I think it will be much more exciting if we don’t find the Higgs. That will show something is wrong, and we need to think again. I have a bet of 100 dollars that we won’t find the Higgs,” chirped world renowned, eccentric smart guy Stephen Hawking. Many fringe groups derided the costly machine as a “world ender” and expressed concerns that mini-black holes could form and thoroughly destroy the planet. But so far so good, the Earth is still here. For those into potential End Times snuff, there’s a live video feed of the sinister scientists at work. |AFP|