Now that the fake American Apparel ad campaign has become a real AA ad, the SH design collective picks its next target: the Wall Street Meltdown. And, much like a first year iBanker, the project is ambitious as hell. Their cheeky proposal is to relocate America’s investment banks into the casinos on Las Vegas Boulevard. Using the same two-color technique as the fake AA ads, the artist has playfully reimagined many of The Strip’s iconic signs. As an added element, the designs have been created on top of famous pop art (the above layout sits on Basquiat’s Untitled, and its well-known quote.). Imp from Stereo Hell explains: “The banks didn’t “invest” but gambled. Plus, they showed off. Everything looked under control and glamorous, like under the Las Vegas glittering neon…” Artwork was used as backgrounds because “that’s what art became under the flood of Wall Street money…ultra expensive, ultra-meaningless background.” Jump to view the famous Vegas Stratosphere transformed into the “Paulson” thrill ride. And visit Stereo Hell to see all 10 detailed frames of the entertaining project.