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These ads for the INEN cancer prevention center deliver the stupidest anti-smoking message I’ve ever seen. The logic is just…stupid. If my goal was to stay alive longer, wouldn’t smoking cigarettes be one of the smartest ways to commit suicide? Take a look at the smoker’s hand in the ads—what is he/she, 110-years-old? And still not dead! Putting the visuals in a cloud of smoke made out of paper is a pretty cool effect. But the overall goofy childish art direction pretty much kills the seriousness of the issue. And I’m sorry: standing 20 floors up on a giant, slowly-melting ice cream bar is the stupidest way to commit suicide ever. Think of the media mockery one would receive. Sorry Peru, but Brazil’s Hitler portrait ad made out of 13,000 cigs totally smokes your lame effort.
(Images: AdsOfTheWorld)