In a passenger tunnel for the 14th St. 6th Ave F/V Line, this seemingly random vandalized subway ad appears to be the work of some bored commuter just walking by who might have grabbed a corner and ripped it across—hastily damaged advertisements are common sight below ground. Looking at this particular piece closer though and it was clear that there was a purposeful intent to how this ad was torn up, with the bodies, head, and faces on the right carefully ripped to expose the raw surface beneath, almost giving an effect of being overcome by the glitter and sparkles that emanate from the champagne bottle the woman is holding in the ad on the left. In an email to the reigning underground ad-altering artist known as Poster Boy, he did not claim responsibility, and was unable to offer any information as to whose work it might be. So your guess is as good as ours. Click below for close-ups. –Paolo Mastrangelo

|Photo: Paolo Mastrangelo|