SueSimmonsWhatthefuckareyoudoing%3F.jpgIn the wake of last night’s hilariously profane cutaway, NBC Channel 4 News anchor, Sue “What The Fuck Are You Doing?!” Simmons, sends us this email in an attempt to explain herself:

i’m very sorry for what happened last night. i had no idea we were on live. i was playfully trying to get chuck’s attention. unfortunately, i got the attention of thousands and many were not amused. i admit i have a potty mouth at times. never never did i intend for new york to receive an example of it. i can’t take it back. i can apologize. i’m still very embarrassed today. i’m trying to answer each and every person thats contacted me.
i hope you will accept my apology.
thanks, sue

We accept her apology, but we were highly amused.