The Dark Knight beat out all the other movies for a second week a the box office. The Batman movie “sold $314.2 million in tickets domestically in its first 10 days of release, a record. The film is still rolling out internationally.” |NYT|
For Spitzer hooker Ashley Dupre reportedly “expressed an interest in journalism and lounge singing.” She’s mulling a $2 million TV job. |NYP|
A Harlem man who complained about a black doll head attached to a police car’s antenna was arrested on Sunday and he claims police assaulted him for retribution. |NYDN|
You never know what you can expect at FringeNYC: “Witness a “hipster satire meets Hamlet” catastrophe and it could put you off the theater for a while to come.” |NYSun|
A Delta Airlines flight from NYC to Las Vegas made passengers wait 7 hours on the tarmac and then the flight was canceled. Passengers will receive refunds. |Newsday|