An internal investigation concluded that otherwise qualified candidates seeking jobs within the Department of Justice were routinely deselected “because of their liberal leanings or objections to Bush administration politics.” Directives were given to look out for specific lefty buzz words like: “environmental justice,” “social justice,” “making policy,” or “anything else that involves legislating rather than enforcing.” Additionally, some of these legal eagles were also denied employment based on their affiliations with alleged do-gooder groups like: New York University Brennan Center for Justice, the World Wildlife Fund, NAACP Legal Defense, and the American Constitution Society, among many others. Jump for the full list of supposed detrimental lefties that automatically disqualified DOJ job seeking lawyers:

American Civil Liberties Union
American Constitution Society
Amnesty International
Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian Advocates
Bisexual Law Student Association
Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition
Center for Constitutional Rights
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Coast Alliance
Committee of Refugees from El Salvador
Conservation International
Conservation Law Foundation
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental Resources Trust
Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project, Inc.
Georgetown University Institute for Public Representation
Georgia Project Center for Democratic Renewal
Grassroots Environmental Effectiveness Network
Human Rights Campaign
Human Rights Watch
Innocence Project
International Human Rights Law Group
Law Students Against the Death Penalty
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Alliance
Mexican American Legal Defense
Midwest Environmental Advocates
NAACP Legal Defense
National Wildlife Federation
Natural Resources Defense Council
Nature Conservancy
New York University Brennan Center for Justice
Northwest Environmental Defense Center
NOW Legal Defense
Partnership for Civil Justice
Physicians for Human Rights
Planned Parenthood