It’s been 48 hours and counting since the soulless Chinese detained artist-engineer James Powderly for planning to shine the words “Free Tibet” on a prominent building in Beijing with his custom L.A.S.E.R. stencil. And now with the detainment (starting to love this word) of five more Americactivists, the story is quickly spreading in major newspapers and on blogs, motivating fellow freedom fighters to spring into action. Photographer, human rights acitvist, and Gothamist publisher Jake Dobkin desecrated the Tibetan flag with this parody, featuring the artist’s face and the words “Free Powderly,” effectively making the G.R.L. co-founder on par with the Dalai Lama. The movement is now afoot. Any other ideas for cool and effective freedom images? Send ’em in. But the clock is ticking, the Students for A Free Tibet claim that 72 hours is the norm for holding activists. UPDATE: James Powderly freed!
Image: Jake Dobkin