Are you a proud xenophobic American who’d love to to see a mile-high electrified fence with guard towers and cannons along our southern border? Well guess what? Your isolationist stance could help fight global warming! At least according to this :30 TV ad produced by Californians for Population Stabilization, or CAPS for short. (As in…put CAPS in those illegal Mexican pipelines? Probably just a coincidence.) The pretty young spokesboy says immigrants (notice he doesn’t say “illegal”) increase their carbon footprints fourfold when they (illegally) move to America. But, it’s not all foreigners who are unwelcome. As CAPS president Diana Hull says in their press release: “…stopping mass immigration, especially from low carbon use nations will go a long way towards a solution…” So burro-riding barefoots? Stay out! But fellow big carbon feet super-polluters from Europe and Japan? Come on in, and bring your SUVs! Because us American consumers will decrease our own carbon footprints right about the time the planet explodes.