250_pope_no_hope.jpgHe came, he preached, he did nothing to convince us that the Catholic Church isn’t Christendom’s next Enron. Which actually sucks in a certain way — there’s nothing worse than a Catholic who takes the minority-oppression stance. I mean, look at how that fuckhead Bill Donohue talks. You’d think Christians were still being fed to lions.
To be fair, on this visit the Holy Father did his best to wash the Church’s hands of bloody choirboy semen by meeting with several victims of sexual abuse. It backfired, of course, by emboldening even more victims to come forward with their own tales of hot-under-the-collar priests. But otherwise, it was an uneventful visit to an unwelcoming city in a gloriously godless country. And frankly, that’s just how we like it. Godspeed, you quack emperor.
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Jeff Koyen