Wow. Not only will the MTA still go ahead with a proposed fare hike, but will also consider tolls on all East River crossings. And you thought the traffic was bad now. |NYDN|
The NYPD is blitzing the Giants in the wake of the Plaxico Burress shooting, claiming that top brass knew of the incident but waited eight hours to report it. |NYDN|
Trinkets and statues made to look like wood or clay were seized at JFK airport after federal officials discovered they actually contained illegal African elephant ivory. |NYT|
Although it officially closed in 2006, CBGB is still a source of controversy with a legal battle raging on between dysfunctional family members over ownership. |NYT|
After robbing an old lady, two Bronx thugs quickly learned that hailing down a car full of cops doesn’t make for the best getaway vehicle. |NYP|
Maybe they went to school here. |NYP|