1400134547_284c5c03e1.jpgWhat’s with the NYPD these days? If they’re not brutally shoving cyclists or publicly killing the mentally disturbed, they’re ILLEGALLY arresting school kids. Those lefty constitutional respecting groups like the NYCLU and the ACLU issued a stern letter to Commissioner Ray Kelly, insisting he end the “unlawful practice of arresting children in New York City public schools who have not committed crimes.” An often flouted NYS law expressly “prohibits children younger than 16 from being arrested for minor, non-criminal violations like loitering.” If they do get caught fucking around, they’re supposed to be disciplined by the principal, not handcuffed and definitely not removed from school property like the NYPD has done to more than 300 kids between 2005-2007, a direct violation of the Family Court Act.
(Photo: Clipped and cropped from SpecMotors)