There’s a reason why some newspapers are going out business, they suck. The NY Sun, which is standing on its last leg and only had a good art section left to make it remotely relevant, writes about some new wheatpasted artwork making its way onto the streets and wrongly speculates that it’s Banksy. They assumed that since Steve Lazarides is Banksy’s agent, and is launching a New York gallery with a show featuring his crop of public painters, it naturally had to be Sir Banks. The ailing paper must not be able to discern the most elementary characteristics of Robert Gunningham’s signature style: he uses stencils. All the work described by The Sun was wheatpeasted stuff, like the RD bombed JR piece. According to street art aficionado Jake Dobkin, the fresh crop of work was done by Mr. BrainWash who is not even in the exhibit, he’s just in town. Click below for more of Mr. BrainWash’s stuff, including a law officer dressed Warren Buffet, John Lennon with a bindi, a Britney-Michael Jackson fusion, and other Warholian imagery.

Photos: Copyranter