More sanctioned street art. Yay! As it is, street art lacks credibility: it’s mostly done in gentrified locales, often has no regard for historical graffiti, and has become so overblown with internet hype that it increasingly risks inevitable backlash. Sadly, things are only getting worse with news that London’s Tate Modern is allowing “street artists” to paint 50×40 foot murals on their exterior wall facing the River Thames. While some might see this as a badge of honor from the art establishment and mark it is a positive development, others could argue that it’s more proof that street art is losing its edge. If the museum really wants to give these artists a shot, why not let them inside? The highly talented Faile, Os Gemeos, Nunca, Sixart, JR, and Blu have all been recruited. To ensure the art is indeed temporary, a protective coating will be applied to the wall, so it won’t damage the building for the three months it’s displayed. |BBC|