250_27stuyvesant1.600.jpgWith the old people not dying off fast enough in Peter Cooper Village, real estate giant Tishman Speyer has adopted a new technique for evicting rent-stabilized tenants: claim they are not using the apartments as primary residences: “[L]ocal elected officials and longtime tenants say Tishman Speyer, which has hired three law firms to work on the cases and a licensed private investigations service to conduct public records searches, has been more aggressive.” Some have even argued that the new keyless electronic card system is being used as a metric and data gathering device to determine tenant occupancy. We heard about one resident at 420 east 23rd Street who lost her apartment because she had a summer house in the Hamptons and the management company claimed she didn’t use her apartment enough according to card entries. |NYT|
Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images