upper-playground-nyc.jpgIt looks like Asian American pop culture mag Giant Robot is scaling things back and giving up one of its storefronts on east 9th street in Manhattan. The 700 square foot space with limited backyard access and a damp basement, will soon be occupied by San Francisco spawned, art fueled brand Upper Playground. Hailing from the West Coast, they’re responsible for pumping out lots of artist designed gear, books, ephemera and have also been instrumental in producing all those limited edition Obamartist prints. Hopefully these guys can make the space at 437 east 9th street work, it seems to have a high turnover rate for the art inclined entrepreneur*. |TWBE|
*[Ed. Between 2001 and 2004 I leased the same space, called it Soma NYC and it’s where the idea for ANIMAL was conceived basically.]