The man who invented one of the greatest man-made, mind altering substances on the planet—LSD—died at the tender old age of 102 on Tuesday. Born in Switzerland, Albert Hofmann was a chemist who kind of stumbled on the cartoon-inducing drug by happenstance:

Dr. Hofmann first synthesized the compound lysergic acid diethylamide in 1938 but did not discover its psychopharmacological effects until five years later, when he accidentally ingested the substance that became known to the 1960s counterculture as acid.

To honor this innovator, ANIMAL turned to the LSD-hating Drug Enforcement Agency and swiped some of their colorful and whimsical sheets of acid that include high res images of Conan the Barbarian, the Mad Hatter, and even some dancing condoms that would have even exceeded Hofmann’s expectations. Plus there’s this hugely impressive A-Z collection of blotter acid from Erowid and their handy Material Safety guidelines. |NYT|