250_ether_utah_.jpgA few weeks ago UTAH and ETHER were arrested while attempting to reenter the country after a multi-country bombing spree in Europe. Apparently both of them had outstanding warrants and that’s how they got busted, not because of any police diligence or any effort of the vandal squad. The Queens Chronicle reported that UTAH was still awaiting extradition as of last week and will face “11 counts of felony criminal mischief and possession of graffiti materials.” When cops descended in to serve a warrant on her apartment earlier this summer, people assumed it was for a real crime: “I thought the police busted a meth lab or something,” said the building’s super, Joseph Diaz, of the raid. “I never thought it was for spray-painting trains.” |QueensChronicle|
Photo: PrivacypolicyCPH08