beebdf8e10_graffiti2_10012008.jpgAfter getting scooped up at Chicago’s O’Hare airport in August after coming off a international bombing spree in Europe, public name writing artist UTAH pleaded not guilty to 33 counts of graffiti in Boston, after “desecrating historic Back Bay with her artistic upchuck.” Fundamentalist Anne Swanson, chairwoman of the The Graffiti NABBers, hates the letter based vandalism and claims it has nothing to do with art the way she defines it, “It’s pure ego.” And she should know, Swanson does have a degree in fine art after all. However, not even the anti-graffiti zealot is capable of wrongly characterizing the outlawed art form as much as the journalist writing the piece who describes graffiti writers as “terrorist taggers.” |BostonHerald|