Today, the “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy” exhibit opens at the Met. It features all sorts of strange outfits that are somehow tied to the superhero or as this block of philosophical wordage puts it, “Fashion not only shares the superhero’s metaphoric malleability, but actually embraces and responds to the particular metaphors that the superhero represents, notably that of the power of transformation. Fashion celebrates metamorphosis, providing unlimited opportunities to remake and reshape the flesh and the self. Through fashion and the superhero, we gain the freedom to fantasize, to escape the banal, the ordinary, and the quotidian. The fashionable body and the superhero body are sites upon which we can project our fantasies, offering a virtuosic transcendence beyond the moribund and utilitarian.” The kinky, post-Apocalyptic, nipple-bearing costume is classified as The Armored Body, inspired by Iron Man no less.