Poppy_King_site.jpgThis Thursday, John McWhinnie at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller is hosting an exhibit of works by artist Walter Steding. “King of the Poppies” features a collection of the artist’s paintings and drawings from the past 15 years. Steding was once a painting assistant to Andy Warhol, who helped the young artist cultivate a musical career that included opening up at CBGB’s for upcoming bands like The Ramones and Blondie. He developed a Pop-sensible, still life and portrait style of work that makes for some pretty interesting works of wonderment or as the art speak heavy press release describes it:

“While taking pains to depict his subjects realistically, he is concerned primarily with presenting the unseen world, or the world of “non-being”. Perhaps this is why many of his portrait subjects are transformed into more abstract versions of themselves which appear, also, to acquire some of the artist’s own physiognomy.”

You get all that? The show runs from July 17th – August 14th. More info here, and examples of his style of work below, including a portrait of the the man who helped give him his 15 minutes and more.