Bobby Boggs can do serious damage. Throw him a lil’ Maya Unlimited, Photoshop CS-2, with a bit of Image-Studio 3 and dude can make even Einstein look bummy. He refers to his style of graphic remodeling as “digital graffiti,” a process that involves defacing celebrities and blending them into new twisted characters like a Vin Diesel Superman or Han Solo mixed with Hannibal Lecter. Maybe you want some George Clooney-Keanu Reeves gene splicing? He’s got that covered too. Even with all the shockingly bizarre and wildly exaggerated contortions, this rather subtle Tom Cruise in “9 Mile” as Eminem complete with tat of Nicole Kidman is straight scary, even more so than a Big Beyonce.
(Click image to see a larger size T-Rabbit)