Veteran ad guys Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein, co-founders of of San Francisco shop Goodby, Silvertstein & Partners, supposedly funded four new videos featuring a mock McCain strategy group bantering about their flawed Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. There are two ways to go with this setup to make effective political ads: make the conversations between the evil operatives sound plausible; or make them outlandishly over-the-top. These parodies, developed by Goodby creative director Jamie Barrett and MJZ director Craig Gillespie, unfortunately fall safely and lamely right in the middle of the road. It’s to be expected—ad agencies often suck at political advertising. The above spot titled “A fly on the wall” shows one group member repeating “maverick” over and over in response to another member reciting McCain’s negative (to liberals) positions. It’s not at all engaging or unexpected, and it’s not at all a conversation that would ever happen. After the jump, view a discussion of VP hopeful Sarah Palin that ends with a groaner of a gag line. I’m not that great of a copywriter, but I could write 10 spots better than these.

(Via The Denver Egotist)