That’s the question Polish artist Peter Fuss poses in his latest work, an oversized, outdoor, public art installation: “Who Killed Barack Obama?” The piece is part of a Wroclaw, Poland, exhibition, “Out of Sth,” and Fuss is Poland’s answer to the Billboard Liberation Front: he “illegally puts up his works on billboards as a way to make a bitter comment on the reality surrounding him.” Whether or not Obama will be taken out by some right-wing nutcase if he becomes President, the assassination of the presidential wannabe has become something of an artistic meme. Designer Doron Braunshtein created a “Who Killed Obama” T-shirt, and a Hillary Clinton and Obama assassination-themed exhibit in New York was unceremoniously shut down by the Secret Service. Meanwhile, Fuss is selling limited-edition, signed screenprints of “Who Killed Barack Obama?” for 100 euro a pop. More angles of Obama getting JFKed after the jump.