williamsburg_crack_house.jpg“Squatters, junkies, and prostitutes have turned the vacant building at 59 Orient Ave.—which served as Kate Winslet’s apartment in Michel Gondry’s artsy 2004 flick—into a crackhouse, and residents of the tree-lined block say their safety is at risk,” reports the Brooklyn Paper. Drug users reportedly use the house at their own discretion. “It’s scary. We have people walking across our property to go in there to do drugs at all hours of the night,” said next door neighbor Adam Kehr. Although the owners have installed a “rickety plywood fence” and boarded up the windows, “druggies” either knock sections down or use the fence to their advantage by hiding behind it. However, these neighborhood junkies might have to find a new abandoned building, with the owners “planning to demolish the crackhouse to make room for a 20-unit condo.” Once that goes up, neighbors will probably be begging for the good ‘ol crackhead days. |BrooklynPaper|