womenofny58.jpgHernan Hernandez is a 48-year-old native New Yorker who takes “candid” photos of ladies in the city as part of his ongoing ‘Women of New York‘ series. The online exhibit features stalky type images of females hailing cabs, smoking cigarettes, relaxing, talking on their phones, and engaged in other urban womanly activities. Hernandez casually describes the permission-less public project:

“I admit it, one of the pleasures of being a photographer is snapping pictures of sexy, pretty women. Here is my take on (mostly) candid, street photos of women in New York – and my tribute to them. To qualify for this set, photographs must have been taken in public settings in New York City and yes, I have been lucky enough to be acquainted with a few of these lovely lasses.”

But he doesn’t just take their photos. The lensman also adds strange captions about the women, critiquing them for their playful poses and bad habits or just making fun of them outright, even accusing these two of looking “like a pair of dangerous criminals from Gotham.”