In these French ads, The US jeans maker is apparently trying to shed its cowboy image and reposition Wranglers as Diesel. And, to the eyes of this Irish adman, they fail dreadfully. Yes, “we are animals.” Animals with cognitive ability. Animals who can look at these ads that say “we are animals” and respond ‘WHAT?” I know: it’s fashion advertising. But there are good WTF fashion ads and there are idiotic WTF fashion ads. And signing off these ads with rope-type Wrangler logo kinda kills the faux-edgy mood, doesn’t it? The guilty ad agency, FFL Paris, also produced this animated, hyper-sexual animal commercial for Orangina. So…maybe one or more of the partners has a bestiality fetish? Here’s the pretentious, overproduced TV spot of the campaign. And after the jump, you can view a 2nd print ad with another maybe-dead, waterborne female “animal” (muskrat?) showing ass crack, of course.