300_WWF.jpgEat your babies! You’ll be helping to end both world starvation and over-population, while also preserving our dwindling food resources. What a swift idea. The World Wildlife Fund, much like Amnesty International, is one of those juicy pro bono accounts that ad creatives clamber over each other like Walmart Christmas shoppers to work on because they feel that doing so helps cleanse their dirty, lies well disguised souls. This bit of Green Marketing child abuse is by Germaine in Antwerp, Belgium (go stare at their cool, attractive staff in Flash motion. Wonder how many in that lineup are now on the bread line?). So, I’m already well aware that I’m killing my planet, but what’s your solution, WWF? Just shoving the problem in my face ain’t accomplishing anything. Plus, if you really wanted to shock me into action, that baby should’ve been roasted. I got my eye on you, WWF. Because one of my ongoing missions here on ANIMAL is to protect animals—from advertising abuse.
|Image: advertka.ru|