Sodomy and James Joyce? They go together like Dov Charney and dildos. Here, the fake American Apparel ad artist cheekily and literarily responds to a rash (heh) of AA immigration reform posters featuring a JFK quote recently erected at several locations in downtown NYC (this one’s at Kenmare and Bowery). Although the 2003 Supreme Court decision in Lawrence vs. Texas essentially voided all anti-sodomy laws that were still on the books in 13 US states, I still applaud the sentiment—and the derriere—of this piece. And right now, I’m imagining Dov reading this post, pulling his peeny out of his AA jeans, and masturbating to this ass and thong line drawing (and maybe also Giselle’s butt there) while thinking about one of his immigrant female factory worker’s nice round rump.
Photo: |Stereo Hell|