Jesus, the limb-loss rate for workers in Victoria, Australia most be gruesomely high. You may remember previously, last fall, WorkSafe Victoria produced these grisly-but-fake workplace injury posters. Now, they’ve built the “Body-O-Matic” a human body parts vending machine placed exactly where I have no idea. What the hell’s going on Down Under? Either work safety rules are nonexistent, or Victoria workers are idiotic klutzes. Examining the machine, I see arms, feet, fingers, toes, eyes, and ears. There should probably also be in a liver in that thing. Because If plant conditions there are so freakin’ dangerous, I’d be drinking heavily. Stephen King should visit Victoria to do research for a follow-up short story to The Mangler. Concept by Lifelounge in Melbourne. |Image: BestAdsOnTV|