Here’s a message that New York asked Animal to pass on to all of you people:

Oh hey Happy Halloween everybody! It’s the one day where there are absolutely no moral dilemmas involved with taking candy from strangers, so party up! We hope you all have a good time out there in your wacky costumes whether you decide to be a slutty Bernie Madoff or a slutty Balloon Boy or a slutty Lady GaGa tampon or whatever, and drink up, because you can always cab it home at the end of the night. Oh, and speaking of cabs, starting at midnight Halloween night, we’re going to add an extra 50 cents to the standard NYC taxi cab surcharge, raising it to $3 from $2.50, so now you’ll owe three bucks before you can even manage to close the door to your cab, if you can even manage to catch one. :) We’re doing this to help the perpetually broke and horrifically mismanaged MTA because, well, they’re the MTA. So yeah, whether you bring home someone or not, take solace in knowing that you’ll definitely be getting fucked for Halloween. Y’all have fun, umkay! |NY1|