uniceffinland1 Ad Creep Update is a regular feature on ANIMAL documenting the spreading epidemic of advertising media placement seeping into every nook and cranny of your daily life. To dramatize the fact that there are 145 million orphaned or abandoned children around the world (according to their press note), UNICEF Finland recently placed these carriages equipped with a recording of a loud crying baby in 14 cities around the country. Curious/annoyed passersby discovered, not a dying starving baby, but a note that read: “Thank you for caring, we hope there are more people like you. UNICEF. Be a mom for a moment,” plus their website url. Apparently, there was no direct plea for donations included in the note, which there should have been—wasn’t that the whole point of this intrusive advertising exercise? Here’s a three-minute video of people, including probably more than a few stooges from UNICEF’s Helsinki ad agency, inspecting one of the ad carriages. UNICEF’s done better guerrilla ad work in the past, like these anti-landmine examples. Related: starving child at the bottom of your shopping cart. |Image: AdsOfTheWorld|