Ad Creep Update: Blood Beach Blankets

04.29.09 Copyranter


Ad Creep Update is a regular feature on ANIMAL documenting the spreading epidemic of advertising media placement seeping into every nook and cranny of your daily life. Sure, you’ve seen ads as beach blankets before—say for Budweiser or some other piss beer. But this instance, via New Zealand, is much more insidious. Weekend Murders is a UK drama currently running on Saturday nights on Prime in NZ. To promote the show, DraftFCB Auckland handed out these irregularly-shaped blood-pool blankets to beach-going pawns to plop down dead on. Looks like scenes outta Surf Nazis Must Die (nsfw). Look at those pathetic consumer fleas helping Prime avoid spending money on media placement (Actually, most of them are probably agency employees.). Jump for an even more annoying Ad Creep: a fake bourbon vending machine via Louisville. Why was this thing not immediately destroyed by town hobos?!?

|Images: directdaily and coloribus|