300_divorce.at.jpgMore and more of you consumers are DVRing and RSSing and canceling your periodical subscriptions. So, more and more advertisers are cramming messages anywhere and everywhere they can in your daily walkabout life. Like toilet lids and playground swings and laundromat dryers and shopping carts and your crotch. And now, your Dim Sum platter. An Austrian divorce lawyer (here’s the schmuck) apparently paid some local Chinese restaurants to use these customized chopsticks with his URL. How clever! And how invasively awkward for dining shaky couples. What’s next—hedge funds advertising in fortune cookies (probably already done)? Well, once you leave the restaurant, don’t look up! Because Amnesty International has placed nooses on lamp posts in German cities as a friendly reminded that 20 people are executed worldwide every day (That’s all?) Image after the jump.

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