You want to stop girls from “purging,” you’ve got to catch them in the act. Or at least, catch their eye—with a pretty pink puke patch promo! The intrusive advertiser here is the Pro Mädchen girl’s house in Düsseldorf, Germany. And they, through their WPP ad agency red cell, placed these splatter stickers (headline translates: Bulimia is curable) on the undersides of toilet lids in women’s bathrooms at area colleges. Pro Mädchen claims the campaign is a success, citing unprovided click-through numbers…but I’m thinking these lovely labels may have actually put an until-then dormant purge urge in some of the young ladies’ minds. Jump for even more ad creep from Germany.

Sparkasse, one of Germany’s largest banks, insidiously arranged coins in area fountains into a message (it’s translated from German) selling their supposed investing acumen, signed off with their iconic logo. Pennies from Hell! The agency here is Berlin’s Jung von Matt, who seem to pride themselves on being Europe’s evil guerrilla marketing leader.
|Images: AdsOfTheWorld & DirectDaily|