Ad Creep Update: Flies

10.29.09 Copyranter

fly_vertising Earlier this week, the US military revealed that’s it’s getting closer to realizing a fully operational squadron of robo-beetles for recon missions. But a couple of weeks ago, German publishing house Eichborn unleashed 200 “fliegenbanners” on startled conventioneers at the Frankfurt book fair. Ad agency Jung von Matt/Nectar says the mini-banners were designed “so that the fly could fly with it, but low and for short distances, constantly landing on visitors.” And I’m sure more than a couple of the winged mediums were then subsequently squished. This stunt was apparently part of the agency’s rebranding of the publisher as “der verlag mit der fliege” (the publishing house with flies [WHAT?]). PETA, you thought the Obama Insect Incident was cruel? Jump for video.

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