Ad Creep Update is a regular feature on ANIMAL documenting the spreading epidemic of advertising media placement into every nook and cranny of your daily life. The advertiser: The Israeli Food Bank. The translated line on the plates reads: “Too many people eat on the streets.” Transposing a visual familiar to everyone, plates drying in a dish rack, into a street scene is quite the visual disruption in one’s daily walkabout routine. The food bank reports that the campaign resulted in “a huge increase in the number of visitors to the website and in the amount of donations…” Now of course, since this case of Ad Creep is for such an altruistic cause, I cannot condemn it. However, who knows? Maybe this sewer grate-vertising will inspire beano’s ad agency to ad-stink up your streets. How much marketing message noise can a brain take?
|Image: PubAddict|