Adolf Jitler! Osama Bin Loaden! Mao Tse-Cum!


Where’s Pol Potshot? Kim Dong-Spill? Mahmoud Ahmadinejizz? Fidel Castrate? Bukkake Mussollini? Josef Semen? Bush? Well, we certainly love relaying to you all the bad condom ads on ANIMAL. We also love covering despot-themed advertising—especially the ever-popular Hitler. Despotvertising is one of the most lazy and hackneyed borrowed interest concepting methods employed by lazy, hack ad creatives the world over. And here, in these print executions (don’t say “executions!”) for German mail-order pharmacy Doc Morris, we have the inevitable despot/condom ad mashup. Of course, you could turn this idea on its head and make anti-condom ads by illustrating little spermy Gandhis, Dalai Lamas and copyranters. Jump for the rest of this tyrants with tails campaign via Grey Worldwide in Düsseldorf.


|Images: AdsOfTheWorld|