russianstandard This ridiculously gimmicky ad states that Russian Standard Vodka has created the world’s first vodka-dipped advert, or “lickvert” (though not the first “tastevertisment” points out Agency Spy). I don’t know where this ad is currently running, but they claim to be the number one premium brand in Russian. And, now they’re apparently looking to make inroads into the glutted U.S. vodka market. Back in 2006, they paid $3 million for So, they’ve seemingly got some capital. Now I’m a drinker, and vodka and ice is my regular drink. However, ain’t no way I’m licking an ad. But then, I ain’t an alcoholic. Vodka is the most competitive spirits category in America, and magazines of course are the number one media choice for vodka advertisers. So, maybe other brands will feel forced to follow Russian Standard’s lead. Which means, you’d be licking the boss’s daughter’s ass in Georgi’s ads. In Belvedere’s ads, you’d be licking Vincent Gallo’s belt buckle. And in Skyy’s ads, you could be going muff diving. Very closely related: Lick Her Advertising.