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Ok, look…I’ve kind of had a bad day, so naturally I’m a little more prone to being easily irritated by the world’s annoying pricks than I normally would be, but this whole issue with conservatives pulling against Chicago getting the Olympics in 2016 and then screaming their cheers of celebration loudly from the rooftops upon word of its defeat just pisses me the fuck off.

Witness the utterly retarded, not to mention revolting, reaction from closeted cocksucker Matt Drudge (I really wonder how many of the Jesus freaks who read his site daily know he’s a Godless queer?) today. I mean, really? REALLY?!?! Aren’t conservatives the one’s who always “put country first” and cried incessantly anytime anyone dared to say anything mildly critical of President Bush because it was “un-American” to criticize the president “during a time of war?” What a bunch of staggering assholes. Here’s what Drudge’s site should look like:


Not to be outdone, here’s Glenn Beck celebrating on his radio show today:

And here’s a “gleeful” Rush Limbaugh rejoicing at Obama being “bitch-slapped” by the IOC:

Doctored Drudge image via SoupSoup