Happy Friday! It’s a BEAUTIFUL day here in NYC. Almost makes you feel good to be alive. So here’s 60 seconds of historic human death and suffering via Amnesty International that makes an admirable attempt at illustrating every which kind of killing method ever devised by us evildoers—everything from catapults to Kamikazes—but of course doesn’t come close. We can fucking slay, can’t we? The payoff line of this impressively-produced video is “Everybody Is Against Everybody. Somebody Has To Be For Them.” I love the animation and the torn-paper cuts, but the music bothers me. Something a little more disunited to the visuals, something not so military, would have created a more dramatic effect. Still, it’s entertaining, and better than the usual heavy-handed Amnesty stuff like this UK torture-porn spot. Previously: Amnesty nose-tweaks tyrants. |Video: IBIA|