An Anti-Smoking Commercial 13.7 Billion Years In The Making

12.07.09 Copyranter

earth sun

If you don’t quit smoking immediately after watching this epic guilt trip via INPES, France’s National Institute of Prevention and Health Education, you may never. In fact, you’ll feel so insignificant and ashamed, you may just go ahead and off yourself.

The spot, by DDB Paris, covers the entire history of the universe in 90 seconds. It’s got Nothingness and Nitrogen and Carbon and dinosaurs and Romans and Huns and your parents and spermatozoa in it. The commercial ends with the copy line “1 smoker out of 2 dies from a disease caused by tobacco (that sounds a tad dubious).” I guess such a dour philosophy lesson is too be expected from the French: they created the most depressing blue jeans campaign in human history. |Video: The Inspiration Room|