Anatomy of An Asinine Ass Ad

07.23.09 Copyranter

seatalteaThis is a new UK ad for the SEAT Altea XL—an ergonomic Spanish family car. But SEAT UK communications manager Rob Taylor desperately wants to change the vehicle’s image into a sexy fuck-mobile for English parents. Really Rob?

We really wanted the campaign to carry some of the ‘SEATTITUDE’ that we believe runs right through our sporty Spanish brand. Opting for a slightly risqué style does just that, and shows SEAT drivers really have a lust for life!

SEAT-TI-TUDE. As explained at the Inspiration Room, those bare seats—and every other detail in the ad—were painfully groupthinked, including the barely discernable bra, which the 20-member production team felt needed to be “neither too sexy, nor too ‘comfortable.'” This is what happens when marketing controls creative: copy (click ad) that reads like an internal memo, and an ad that looks like a sell sheet. It’s bad car ad week on ANIMAL. |Image : The Inspiration Room|