And Now Let’s Meet Some Sarah Palin’s Death-Cultists Willing to Wait in Line for Hours to Meet Her

YouTube - MSNBC Interviews Clueless Sarah Palin Supporters At Book Signing_1258578260391

Oh Jesus Christ! Here are a group of Trixie Klondyke’s death-cult followers, waiting in line at a shopping mall in Michigan, anxiously waiting to meet the Golden Twat of American Conservatism herself.

Of course, they’re also there to buy the most important piece of literature since the Jesus Christ and Ben Frankin locked themselves in God’s chateau overlooking the Grand Canyon to write the Federalist Papers, and they’re just as blissfully ignorant and hopelessly misinformed as you’d expect them to be. Watch as MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell dives deep into the heart of darkness to uncover this sort of nonsense:

Norah: So why do you like Sarah Palin?

Palin Death-cultist: Because she was against the bailout.

Norah: Actually, she supported the bailout.

Palin Death-cultist: No she didn’t.

Norah: Yes she did.

Palin Death-cultist: Well she’s not in favor of it anymore.

Norah: Okay, moving on, can you tell me another reason you like Sarah Palin?

Palin Death-cultist: Because she wants to get back to the constitution.

Fellow Palin Death-cultists: YEAH!

And really, could anyone writing a parody of Palin and her followers script it any better? I think not.

Oh, and if you look closely, you can see that Santa Clause is waiting in line with a balloon reindeer to meet Sarah too.