Angelina Jolie_3

Whoa! Noted writers of smutty unauthorized biographies Andrew Morton and Ian Halperin have both set their sights on Angelina Jolie, and the juicy details contained in their forthcoming books about Jolie and her relationship with Brad Pitt are trickling out.

Among the doozies:

-Morton says that Jolie banged her mom’s live-in boyfriend when she was a teenager. This apparently tainted the relationship between Jolie and her mother for years, causing Jolie to be especially devastated when he mother died of cancer in 2007.

-Halperin contends that the Jolie and Pitt have “manipulated the public into believing a glamorous fairytale that bears little resemblance to the reality of the pair’s life together.”

-Halperin also contends that Jolie’s “lifestyle choices” have pissed off Pitt to the point where he’s considered ending the marriage.

I wonder if Pitt’s alleged problems with Jolie’s “lifestyle choices” have anything to do with Jolie liking to fuck girls occasionally? What red-blooded American male could possibly find fault with that?