Another Drug Lesson From Government Dad

06.16.09 Copyranter

AboveTheInfluence, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy’s website created during the tenure of former coke fiend George W. Bush, has just released another video from on high that talks to teens like they’re complete fucking morons. The spot, by the NYC office of mcgarrybowen (who have some really annoying new age music at their website) is titled “Human Puppet.” Ah yes, the olde subtle YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL metaphor. Previously, the clueless Office used slug and bug imagery to tsk tsk tempted teens. Here, the sound bites from the friend actors—”what is she on?”, “she’s gonna have such a headache in the morning”—are so pathetically forced. And besides, if those boys were really the girl’s friends, they would have taken pictures of her with their balls resting on her nose. |Video: Ypsilon2|