Another Swiss Paper Mocks Obama

05.19.09 Copyranter


Peace-loving, staunchly-neutral Switzerland sure has some aggressively-opinionated newspapers. Previously WOZ, a weekly Swiss rag, made Barack Obama look like the anti-Christ in a print ad. Now, the country’s leading Sunday paper, Sonntagszeitung (literally, Sunday’s newspaper), provides “the insight story” on our new president—SuperBam’s broke. True enough, though not what this former journalist would call especially insightful. At right, is a rotating outdoor billboard from the campaign featuring their inside view of the Secretary of State—Hil’s Bill, but Bill’s also Hil. Or something. Well, like here, I’m sure newspapers are also dying in Switzerland. So Sonntagszeitung? Do whatever you gotta do to sell ink, I guess. Because soon, you’ll probably be broke, too. FYI, previously in what the agency Advico Y&R calls this “Babushka principle” campaign, the paper also looked inside Bush and Putin. |Images: BestAdsOnTV|